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What is Sprout New Media all about?

Well, everyone starts at the beginning, and we believe it’s best to start small. As you grow, your roots grow deeper and you spread your branches. Eventually you grow leaves and flowers. Longevity is like a strong oak tree – solid, unwavering, weathering the storms and standing the test of time.

Think of the sprout as your business. Maybe you’re just starting out, maybe you’re starting over, or maybe you’re just refreshing things. Start as that sprout, and use the resources on this site to help your business grow. Becoming a tall sunflower or strong oak tree doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, care, energy, and patience.

Lisa WoodHi, I’m Lisa.

You could say I’m a web designer, or a web developer, or a digital marketing professional, a coach and trusted guide, or whatever. The truth is I’m a little bit of all of that.

I realized a while back that I’m an artsy person stuck in a techy brain. I say that because tech has always been something that I’m good at, but playing with color and texture is really what brings me alive. I went to college for business, but I probably would have enjoyed art school much more. It’s like an ongoing battle between the two sides of my brain. And since I can’t draw worth a hill of beans, it’s only natural that I bring beauty to your computer screen.

I’m kind of an open book – what you see is what you get. There are no hidden agendas or deep dark secrets. I care deeply about what I do, and doing it right. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and a tinkerer – so I’ll spend hours fussing with something until it I think it is perfect. I’m not very good at saying “oh, that’s good enough”…which I suppose is really good for my customers.

I started Sprout New Media so that I could help creative people like you have a web presence that allows you to grow your business in a way that supports you. It doesn’t have to be scary, either – I have a knack for making complicated things easy to understand, and I love to teach.

Our team is a collaboration of exceptionally talented professionals that help bring the magic to life. When you work with Sprout New Media, you get all the support you need.

So get comfy and look around a bit. If you think we’re a good fit, do get in touch.

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Lisa Wood