All You Need to Know About Typography (in less than 90 seconds)

Have you ever tried to find a nice font for a project, and given up because there were so many options? The number and variety of fonts available to us is mind boggling. As web designers, we used to be limited to just a few “web safe” fonts, but now thanks to font replacement technology, we’ve got thousands of unique, beautiful fonts available for our web projects.

If you’re like me, browsing font libraries is like being a little kid in a candy store.

So how do we choose? Well, first we need to understand elements that make up a font.

Typography is an art, and there are subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) differences between good typography and bad. If you don’t understand the nuts and bolts of what you’re looking at and you’re not familiar with the terminology, it can get confusing really quickly.

This Prezi teaches us the basics so we can make better decisions about the fonts we choose.

To view it, click the “Start Prezi” icon, then click the arrow at the bottom of the player to scroll through the sections at your own pace.

Props to Travis Hitchcock, wherever he is, for putting this together.

Do you have a favorite font? Share it in the comments.