Unlock the Door to Your Success with Intuitive Business Coaching

Are you keeping your brilliance locked away without even realizing it?

Hi, I’m Lisa Wood, and I’m a business coach and Certified Life Coach through the Martha Beck Institute.

It’s fascinating how closely our business challenges can mirror things that are going on for us personally, don’t you think?

For example, I might be working with a client on developing a business plan, and we end up also working on clearing roadblocks caused by fear and resistance. This type of thing is way more common than you think!

I LOVE helping people with things like this, and I talk a lot about the entrepreneur journey in my work. Some things we work on are:

  • Setting and enforcing boundaries
  • Dealing with the inner critic
  • Developing self-care practices
  • Working intentionally
  • Mindfulness and dealing with anxiety
  • Creating ideal calendars for work/life balance
  • Developing healthy mindset strategies
  • etc…

These are things you don’t hear about in typical business programs, but they are critical to your success.

Who Intuitive Business Coaching is for:

This is for you if you want to dig in and work on something that has been getting in the way of your success.

Things like:

  • feeling stuck in your own patterns
  • unsure of what your path is
  • struggling with clarity
  • frustrated that you can’t make real progress on a project
  • resistance around selling, receiving, and money
  • resistance and guilt around self-care
  • etc. etc.

Anything goes. (You don’t even have to be able to articulate what that thing is – because it will come out when its ready. It’s pretty amazing.)

“Lisa is an amazing coach! I am blessed to be working with her, and I cannot say enough about how much I have learned, healed, been guided, supported, inspired, and steadied. I have worked with excellent psychologists, coaches, and other healing professionals. Lisa is an incredible mix of all of those things, which makes working with her invaluable and such a blessing.

– Anonymous Client

Private Coaching packages include the following:



Private 50-60-minute calls with me, via phone



Email support between calls to keep you on track



Clear action steps to take between calls



I’m in your corner to encourage you to make real progress!

three months – $1500   |   six months – $3000   |   nine months – $4500

This is for you if…

  • You want clear guidance and support from someone who gets you.
  • You’re ready and willing to receive honest, supportive feedback about your business.
  • You’re committed to putting in the work, doing your homework, and taking consistent action.
  • You want positive change in your life and business, and you’re ready to make it happen.

Ready to make REAL PROGRESS toward your dreams?