Shh! It’s a Secret!

Theo and SheldonYou’ve been waiting. And asking. And waiting. Then Pinterest answered.

The newest Big Player to arrive on the social media scene, and for many of us our latest addiction, just launched Secret Boards.

Here’s why Secret Boards are cool

Each user can have up to three secret boards. Let’s say you want to set up a board for a client that you don’t want everyone to see – you can set up a secret board.

Or maybe you’d like to create a vision board for your eyes only, or maybe even around Christmas or Valentine’s day you’d like to share your *ahem* “wish list” with a special someone without broadcasting it to the world.

Now you can.

See all the details on Secret Boards here

If you’re not on Pinterest yet and would like some help getting started, I can help. Let’s chat.

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