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It’s time to get serious and take control of your business.

Does this sound familiar?

timeYou wake up in the morning, anticipating a bright new day ahead. You’ve got so many great ideas for your business, a clear calendar for the day, and you’re going to get SO much done!

You decide to do a quick check of your email before you get started. You see a few important messages in there, so you’ll just take care of those first. Then you remember that file you were supposed to send to your client – better do that too – it won’t take long…

I’m sure you know what happens next, right? You get distracted…dragged down the rabbit hole…

Now hours have passed, and suddenly you remember the project you had intended to work on. Crap! Now you’re completely discouraged and mad at yourself because once again, you’ve made zero progress on the things you were so freaking excited about.

And the worst part? You don’t have anyone to help you get out of the slump.

You feel completely alone.

The rest of the day is taken up by more emails, client calls, and mindlessly scrolling Facebook and Instagram feeds. Evening comes and you bury your guilt in bad reality TV and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You deserve better.

Let’s face it, running a business is hard work.

We work hard. We’re good at what we do. We take care of our clients, significant others, kids, extended family, parents, pets, friends, etc. We get shit done – but at what cost?

So many women tell me they struggle with running their businesses because they often feel isolated, stretched to the limit and overwhelmed. There is so much to do, and they get distracted by the endless parade of demands that keep them from doing the work that really lights them up.

You don’t have to do this alone

As women, we’ve been trained throughout our lives to be-all and do-all for everyone, and to do it all perfectly. But that’s just not reality. We think we can do it all by ourselves, but we can’t.

Even though our friends and family may want to help, there’s no way they can really understand what we go through. We need to connect with others who really get it.

We need people in our corner who we can share our frustrations as well as our celebrations with. These are people who understand us, who we trust, and who have similar values and struggles.

Rebecca Cohen“I joined the Women’s Success Circle™ because it’s a coaching group that is about DOING what I want to get done, and not just talking about it! I get things done that I want to get done because I am a part of it. It gives me evidence that I am pursuing my destiny. I ADORE the check-ins on Facebook to get centered and grounded with just a post as a reminder. As a result of my membership, I’ve been able to focus on what is most important to me, and bringing my book to the finish line.”  

— Rebecca Cohen, Author of PJ’s Backyard Adventures

What is the Women’s Success Circle™?

  • a mentoring program like none other – designed to help you focus and work on what truly matters to you, so you can make real, consistent progress toward what you really want.
  • an online community and virtual co-working space where you can feel safe and supported by other entrepreneurial women just like you
  • a place to brainstorm ideas with other like-minded women
  • a place where you know you belong
  • a place where you have real accountability partners from others who “get it”.
  • valuable tools that encourage focused productivity so you can get stuff DONE and eliminate overwhelm
  • consistent guidance, support and encouragement from me and fellow members

Simply put, it’s an exclusive online community for women entrepreneurs who want to take their businesses to new heights. It’s a place to share ideas, get feedback, set goals and make real progress on those goals.

And this is not just about tasks and to do lists. We also focus on you and how you can set yourself up for success. In the Circle, productivity is more than just a buzzword. We get serious work done while building relationships with other bright, driven women who share our challenges AND our enthusiasm for our collective work.

Tracey Selingo“The Women’s Success Circle™ offers a clear, focused and strong resource for any woman who is looking for guidance and support to ramp up her business. Lisa holds really safe space to expand and thrive, while offering her deep wisdom and caring in a way that feels nourishing. I highly recommend jumping in without hesitation.”

Tracey Selingo

Why do I do this?

Lisa WoodHi, I’m Lisa Wood, and I’m a self-driven business-minded woman, just like you. And like you, I know how it feels to be overwhelmed. I have over 10+ years of experience running two successful businesses of my own – through all the ups and downs – and I understand the challenges you face.

I know how hard it is to find time to get things done and work on your business instead of in it, AND I believe that you can do it. Using the knowledge and techniques that I have learned over the years, I can help you be more focused, centered, peaceful and joyful in your work.

This work is my true passion – to be able to help women all over the globe build the life they want, in a way that’s truly joyful and 100% sustainable. .

Our members have started new businesses, revamped offerings that no longer served them, published books, launched programs, booked speaking events, stretched outside their comfort zone, and gotten real clarity and excitement about how they want to show up in the world. And every one of them has benefited from the tight-knit community in the Women’s Success Circle™.

This program works, and I promise if you make the commitment to yourself and to your work, you’ll have amazing results.

Denise Canellos“The Women’s Success Circle™ and Lisa Wood make it so much easier for me to get the deep work done. It surprises me every time how easy it is to focus and be productive with Lisa’s method! The group is always supportive and helpful, a great sounding board and resource when I have questions.”

— Denise Canellos, Cancer & Chronic Illness Nutritionist


“This is my third session of the Women’s Success Circle™. The accountability, support, and collaboration provided by Lisa and the other women in the group is invaluable. The way the program is designed makes working on your business feel like a treat!”

— Erin O’Malley

The Women’s Success Circle™ is for you if:

  • You are passionate about your work and committed to growing your business, but you get overwhelmed with all the details
  • You tend to put everyone else first, at your own expense
  • You often feel isolated working on your own (even if you like working alone)
  • You sense that being part of a supportive, private community of like-minded women would help you succeed
  • You value collaboration and helping others
  • You want to share your gifts and make a positive difference in the world
  • You understand the value of mindfulness and focused productivity
  • You are willing to commit to 3-4 hours per week to working ON your business

This is probably not a good fit for you right now if:

  • You’re new to business and have little experience offering your product/service
  • You’re not willing to ask for help or accept feedback
  • You can’t commit to showing up for the weekly 2-hour work sessions
  • You’re not interested in participating in a collaborative, tight-knit community
  • The concept of grounding and setting intentions makes you squirm
  • An occasional F-bomb will make you uncomfortable (we don’t censor here)
  • You aren’t willing to log into the Facebook group at least every few days

What would change for you with more support?

latteThe Women’s Success Circle is a place where you can feel supported, confident, successful and safe, while running your business and having a life. It’s a place where it can all happen in balance.

  • Working hard doesn’t have to feel like drudgery – and yes, it can be fun!
  • If you’re tired of spinning and are ready to make real progress, this is for you
  • This is an investment in YOU. You’re worth it.

I promise when you show up to do your work and there are people there just like you cheering you on and holding you up, you’ll see dramatic shifts in how you approach your business. You’ll feel more positive and productive, less overwhelmed, and more in control of your time.

Take control of your schedule and make time for what matters.

Hold tight! We will re-open for enrollment in 2017.


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