Get Your Business Sh*t Together This Summer

Summer is finally here, and while it’s tempting to slow down and close up shop for a few months while things are quiet, it’s the PERFECT time to get your business ready for the fall.

  • Do you have plans for your business that you just haven’t had time to implement?
  • Have you been so busy you don’t even HAVE a plan?
  • Maybe you want to launch something new in the fall and know you need to start working on it but can’t seem to get your act together.
  • Maybe your business is humming along fine, but you really just want to kick back by the pool for the next few months and you’re afraid to lose momentum if you do.


The Women’s Success Circle is exactly what you need

  • A unique group coaching program designed to use this summer to work on what truly matters to you, so you can make real, consistent headway toward your big goals – you’ll celebrate your progress in September!.
  • A virtual co-working space and community where you will feel safe and supported by entrepreneurs just like you – smart women who “get” you
  • A place to enjoy focused productivity and benefit from valuable tools so you can get stuff DONE and eliminate overwhelm once and for all
  • A way to get consistent guidance, support and encouragement that comes from my 20 years in business and fellow members’ professional experiences


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Rebecca Cohen“I joined the Women’s Circle because it’s a coaching group that is about DOING what I want to get done, and not just talking about it! I get things done that I want to get done because I am a part of it. It gives me evidence that I am pursuing my destiny. I ADORE the check-ins to get centered and grounded with just a post as a reminder. As a result of my membership, I’ve been able to focus on what is most important to me, and bringing my book to the finish line.”

— Rebecca Cohen, Author of PJ’s Backyard Adventures


Summer is short, and space is limited

The Women’s Success Circle Summer Edition will run from June 20th through the end of August, at a super low price of just $249 for the entire program.

I’m only accepting a maximum of 20 people so I can give my full attention to everyone and still be able to make time for my own summer fun, so if this sounds like your thing, get in now while you still can!

This invitation expires on June 19th and the Summer Edition begins June 20th.

Here’s what the Summer Edition includes:

Call dates

  • One Live Planning Call each month — This is when you’ll set your intentions and identify your goals for the upcoming month, with me as your guide. This powerful practice provides an essential cornerstone for your work.
  • Two Open Q & A / discussion calls – one 60-minute group call each month where I’ll answer your questions and provide time for spotlight coaching for those who want it.
  • Weekly live work sessions – specifically devoted to implementation and working toward your goals. I’ll provide prompts to help you decide what you’ll be working on each week and how you can prioritize things so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • A private gathering spot in a separate member forum. This is where you can ask for feedback, post what you’re working on each week for accountability, and exchange tips, ideas, challenges and celebrations with others in the group.
  • BONUS — Exclusive discounted private coaching rates (available for purchase separately), available only to members of this program

All calls will take place at 10am PT / 1pm ET.
You’ll devote time every single week to growing your business, and get the support and accountability you need to reach your goals. I promise when you show up to do your work, you’ll see dramatic shifts in how you approach your business.

You’ll feel more positive and productive, less overwhelmed, and more in control of your life.

“The work sessions are my most productive time(s) of the week, by far. However, I don’t think the work sessions alone are why I find the Circle so effective. It is the whole package – like-minded women contributing their thoughts, vulnerabilities, and encouragement; the intention setting, the goal setting. There is a sense of collaboration. I WANT to get on the calls – the way you have designed the Circle takes out any sense of obligation and more has a focus of accountability.” – Erin O’Malley, Corporate Consultant & Trainer

The Women’s Success Circle Summer Edition is for you if:

  • You are committed to growing your business, but you get overwhelmed with all the details
  • You tend to put everyone else first, at your own expense
  • You often feel isolated working on your own (even if you like working alone)
  • You sense that being part of a supportive, private community of like-minded women would help you succeed
  • You value collaboration and helping others
  • You want to share your gifts and make a positive difference in the world
  • You’ve got big plans for Fall, and you don’t want to feel like you’re behind the 8-ball when it gets here


This is probably not for you right now if:

  • You’re new to business and have little experience offering your product/service
  • You’re not willing to ask for help or accept feedback
  • You can’t commit to showing up for the weekly calls
  • You’re not interested in actively participating in a collaborative community
  • The concept of grounding and setting intentions makes you want to vomit
  • An occasional F-bomb will make you uncomfortable (we don’t censor here)


Who I am and why I’m doing this

Lisa Wood
My name is Lisa Wood, and I’m passionate about helping women navigate the world of entrepreneurship and everything that comes with it. I value kindness, authenticity, creativity, connection, and joy, and I believe that every woman has the power to change the world.

My journey as an entrepreneur began over 20 years ago and has given me a wealth of knowledge that I can pass on to you. When we work together I’ll share valuable tips, tactics, and tools, and I’ll ask all the right questions to help you get out of your own way.

My intention with this program is that you will feel heard, supported, energized and empowered during our time together, and that you’ll have the tools you need to carry your momentum into the future.


You can grow your business AND have a spectacular summer

Let’s face it – it’s easy to blow off work when the sun is shining. But I promise – you don’t have to give up your summer to have a successful business.

You know how it goes – if you don’t block out time to do your work, it just doesn’t get done. So it helps to have a buddy – or better yet, a group of buddies – to help keep you on track. When you commit to just a few hours to do focused work every single week with a group of like-minded women working along with you, you’ll save time and get more done.

Then you’ll be able to relax, knowing that your work is done.

Imagine how great it will feel at the end of the summer to know that when everyone else is scrambling because they’ve neglected their business, you’ve got everything covered and you can head into September feeling confident, focused, and supported.

If you’ve been waiting for this type of support, now is the time to jump in.

For just $249 you get ten weeks of group coaching, accountability, action, and community.


Enrollment for the Women’s Success Circle has closed. Enter your name and email below to be the first to know when doors open again.


Denise Canellos“I joined the Women’s Success Circle to have company and encouragement in getting things done. I am an extrovert so it’s hard for me to stay focused in my home office, and knowing that others are working with me, even virtually, helps. As a result of being a member, I got a program launched and am hopeful about finishing another project or two by the end of the year! I would absolutely recommend the Women’s Success Circle to others. It gets so lonely working as a solopreneur and having a group for support and ideas and feedback really helps me move forward.”

— Denise Canellos, Cancer & Chronic Illness Nutritionist


Questions? Answers!

Q. How do the work sessions work?
A. This is where the magic happens. We will meet as a group virtually, and I’ll guide you through a process to help you identify what you want to work on that day. You’ll go work on that project for 90 minutes, and at the end of 90-minutes you’ll share your progress in our forum. This works so well because even though we’re not in the same physical space together, you feel the connected energy of the group as we all work alongside each other virtually.

Q. Will the calls be recorded?
A. The Planning Calls and Q & A sessions will be recorded and available for download after the call. The work sessions are not recorded. Remember that the point of these calls is to block out time in your calendar to show up live and get your work done – so you get the best results when you can participate with the group. You simply don’t get the same results listening to a recording.

Q. This sounds like a big time commitment. What if I can’t make every call?
It’s entirely up to you how often you attend, but I encourage you to be there live as much as you can. This is for your own benefit, as well as to give support to the rest of the group. All the tools are here for you — and the more regularly you attend, the better results you will see.

Q. Why should I spend my time in the summer on this? Summer’s short and I want to go play!
I hear you, and I want to be outside playing, too. But here’s the thing – you don’t have to give up your summer to do this. Commit to just a few hours a week, then when Labor Day rolls around and everyone else is scrambling because they’ve neglected their business for three months, you’ll be in great shape to head into the fall. And because you did it intentionally by blocking out a few hours every Tuesday, you won’t have missed out on your Summer fun at all.

Q. How many people will be in the group?
A. The women in this program, like you, are on a path to get their businesses to a place that is sustainable over the long term. In order to be able to give everyone my full attention, membership is currently limited to 20 women.

Q. You call this a circle…will we be knitting?
A. Nope – I call this a circle because it brings us all together as one, in a virtual co-working space. It’s a circle of bright, talented, business-minded women working in community.

Q. Is this really just for women? No men, ever?
A. Yes. Why women only? This is not intended to exclude the value of men, and you won’t find any man-bashing here. We all have men in our lives who are incredibly valuable to us, but we’ve found that women have a unique set of challenges, and a different conversation happens when there are only women in the room. This just makes a space for that to happen and our members have found it helpful.

Q. Why is the program priced so low?
A. This program could easily have been priced much higher, but my objective is to help you succeed, and I want this to be a “hell yes, sign me up!” for you.

Q. Why are you offering private coaching too?
A. Optional private coaching is helpful if you want to dig in deeper and you like the real-time conversation of a phone call. It can be helpful for working through things that are not best-served on a group call, or when you simply want more time. It is completely optional and not a core part of this program. I extend the discount as an exclusive benefit as part of your membership.

Q. What if I don’t like it?
A. I believe that you should never buy something that doesn’t have a guarantee. If you show up to the first two calls and still don’t think this program is for you, let me know right away and I will cancel your membership, no questions asked.

Enrollment for the Women’s Success Circle has closed. Enter your name and email below to be the first to know when doors open again.


Tracey Selingo“The Women’s Success Circle offers a clear, focused and strong resource for any woman who is looking for guidance and support to ramp up her business. Lisa holds really safe space to expand and thrive, while offering her deep wisdom and caring in a way that feels nourishing. I highly recommend jumping in without hesitation.”

Tracey Selingo