Are you in LOVE with your business?

Photo Credit: dhilung

Does it light you up every day?
Does it allow you to do the things you love, when and where you want?
Do you wake up in the morning, excited to get to work, filled with joy and enthusiasm?
Do you have FUN with your business?

Or do you feel a little stressed out…even anxious sometimes?
Do you drag yourself out of bed, especially on Monday mornings?
And you have the Sunday evening blues, in anticipation of the upcoming week…

Seriously, what kind of a life is that?

Is this what you signed up for when you went into business for yourself?
Is this why you became your own boss? To be a slave to the shoulds and have-tos?
Is this really what you wanted?

I doubt it. But let me tell you, you’re not alone.

It’s so easy to fall into that habit of doing doing doing, and never take a break. I think of the beancounter with the visor on and stern look on his face, sitting by candlelight (or computer light) working late into the night – or the pianist banging on the keys, brow furrowed, with deep intensity…until he breaks down from stress and exhaustion and cannot lift another finger to play.

Is that you? Have you and your business fallen OUT of love?

If so, you can turn it around. I promise. I promise you that your business wants to connect with you again too.

What would make you LOVE your business again?

Think really hard.

  • Why did you go into business for yourself?
  • What do you really, truly want? Time off? Freedom? Flexibility? The ability to give back? To make a difference? To save the world?
  • What lifestyle do you want?
  • How much money do you want to make?
  • How many hours do you want to work in a day, a week, a month, or even a year?
  • What support will you have?
  • Where will you work from?
  • How many clients/customers do you want to have in a month?
  • What would you love more of? Less of?

Close your eyes, and ask.

All these things, and so many more, help shape the life and the business that you want (and deserve).

Ask for what you want, and ask your business what it needs from you. Then listen.

It may sound silly, but it really does work. Think of your business as your partner, with wants and needs just like yours.

Learn to love your business again. You can do it.

This is such important, soul-filling work, and it’s HARD work. It’s often helpful to do this with someone you trust – someone who can help you brainstorm and be a sounding board as well as an accountability partner.

If you’d like some help developing your true vision, I would love to work with you privately. Click here to learn about private coaching options.

That’s MY vision. To help you live the life of your dreams. <3