The Trouble with Self-Improvement

Self-improvement (or self-development) is about exploring, discovering new things, and working to expand your knowledge base and skillset. I’m a life-long learner, so I’m always researching, practicing, and trying new things.

But I have a big problem with self-improvement…

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Is Your Planner Pretty or Producing?

As a self-proclaimed planner junkie, I’ve experimented with my share of planners over the years.

I’ve tried paper planners, index cards, sticky notes, whiteboards, apps, and a half-dozen digital project/task management programs.

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The Power of Checklists: How to Organize Your Life and Reclaim Your Sanity

With a bazillion tasks running around in her head, she thought she was going to lose it. She couldn’t possibly remember everything she had to do… plus she was supposed to train the new guy on the office computer system tomorrow and she hadn’t prepared yet. (And she might as well forget about that new exercise class she planned to start… it just wasn’t going to happen.) She just couldn’t keep everything straight.

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Smart business owners establish boundaries

As solopreneurs and micro-business owners, we are often teams of one working hard to get everything on our To-Do list accomplished. It takes discipline to keep on task, make progress, and fight procrastination. It’s especially difficult when you work from home because the lines between life/family/business are so blurry.

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