Cake and Presents: A Lesson in Marketing

A few weeks ago I wrote about how impressed I was with Batchbook for their personalized service. I thought I’d share another story about a company that’s doing it right.

This is a story about our good friend Google

The other day it was my birthday. My husband brought me flowers, my daughter gave me a beautiful necklace, we had sushi for dinner and birthday cake, and my son surprised me by coming home from college for the weekend. It was all really nice. I got lots of birthday wishes from friends on Facebook, too (a Facebook birthday greeting is the new birthday card).

During the day I was working on my computer, and I had to go to Google to do a search. That’s where I saw this:

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Note the popup message. That is key. At first I saw this and thought “wow, who else has a birthday today?”, expecting to roll over the image and see the name of some historical figure or other important person listed there. Instead, it was a birthday greeting to me!

Google made me feel special

Sure, I know it’s automated, and sure, wishes from my family and friends are definitely more important, but this is just an example of how one company made their customer feel special. Sort of like when Freddie from Mailchimp delivered virtual roses on Valentines Day.

And what did I do?

I told all my friends and posted the image on Facebook.

Hmmm…make people happy, they tell all their friends how cool you are. Sounds like a win-win for everyone.

What are you doing for your customers to make them feel special? Let’s discuss.

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