A Glimpse of Our Website Design & Development Process

Our Initial Contact

When you contact me for the first time, I’ll want to hear about your project, and we’ll probably want to schedule a call so we can discuss your project. At that time I might ask you to complete a project planner so that I can get a solid understanding of your needs, and so I can give you a solid pricing and time estimate.

Initial Deposit and Your Homework

If you decide to work with me, I’ll send you a simple contract to sign and return, along with an invoice for your deposit, which is 50% of the project fee. This deposit is required to secure your spot in my production calendar and is non-refundable. I’ll also give you homework, which will be to collect all the necessary content (text, photos, etc.) that we will need for your website. I’ll need all that information before I can start work on the project.

Design, Design, Design

Once I receive your content and deposit, I’ll start developing the design. This will take at least a few weeks for a simple site, and longer for a more complex site. A good design requires a great amount of creativity and attention to detail, so it’s important not to rush this step. Once I have a rough design that I’m happy with, I’ll send it to you to look over, and we’ll discuss what (if any) revisions need to be made.

Site Development

After you approve the design concepts I will begin development of the site. When I have finished with this stage, I’ll give you a link to my test server so that you can look it over and make any more changes or corrections.

Approval, Final Payment and Launch

Once you have approved the test site, I will then send you an invoice for any remaining balance on the project. After receiving payment I will then activate the site with the hosting company of your choice.

Post-Launch: What Happens Next

After we make your site live and announce it to the world, I’ll send you instructions on how to make content updates. At this time you’ll want to think about how you will handle your site maintenance and future updates, as websites need care and tending just like anything else.

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