How to Face Difficult Challenges without Freaking Out

We live in a complex world, and challenge is inevitable. But we don’t have to let challenge derail us.

Whenever we’re faced with an overwhelming challenge, we have choices on how to approach it:

1. We can push through it best that we can, usually at our own expense.

2. We can crumble under the weight of it all, collapsing into a pit of despair.

3. Or we can choose a different option. We can take a step back, take stock of what IS in the current moment, and move through the discomfort gently with intention. This approach helps us stay grounded, while identifying what we need and figuring out a way to make it happen.

When I face monumental challenges, I take a big step back, take stock, and set some boundaries around my time and energy that will support me through the transitions.

This summer I had a lot going on, and it was overwhelming. So I made a very conscious choice to let go of social media, blogging, and any kind of outreach for my business until I felt ready to engage again. I knew my business might slow down temporarily, but that my sanity would thank me.

I also gave myself permission to cut back a bit on my work hours and spend more time with family, more time outdoors, and more time focusing on the beauty and goodness that exists all around me.

The result was less distractions, a lot more breathing room, and the ability to give my full attention to what was most important at that time. I also gained a deeper appreciation of living intentionally, because I had to be intentional about every single decision I made.

Being mindful about how we spend our time allows us to make space for what’s really important. [Tweet this!]

We practice this in The Hive, and it’s a total game changer.

The world isn’t going to slow down, you know. There will always be more emails to answer, more posts to read, more news stories sucking up our energy.

So when we need a break, it’s up to us to pull that bell on the bus and hop off for a bit. You can be sure that another bus will come along soon and you won’t miss a thing.

Walking with intention helps to break deeply ingrained habits that no longer serve us, create new ones, and make space for our true self.

It’s up to us to find our own oasis.

You’re going to hear me talk a lot more about intention in the coming months, because in this world of distractions that we live in, I feel that it’s more important than ever.

When we live intentionally we are in control of how we walk through the world. We make informed, thoughtful choices. We choose how we want to feel, how we engage (or don’t engage), and what our general state of being is.

So why don’t you give it a try?

Just for today, what intention can you set for yourself that will support you through the day, the week, the month…and beyond?

What will bring you closer to your own oasis?