Free Stock Photos: My Favorite Sources

Finding the right image for your work isn’t always easy. When I’m not using my own photography for Color Inspiration, Monday Motivations and other blog posts, I look to my tried-and-true resources.

There are tons of places you can find photos on the web, but not all of them are great. And like I mentioned in this post, you can’t just go grab any image off the web and use it for your own content. You can easily violate a copyright and find yourself in a heap of trouble.

Here are some of my current favorite places to find images that you can use for free:

pixabayPixabay is one of my favorite sites for photos. It features all sorts of high-quality photos, drawings and vectors that you can use without giving credit. Their images are vetted for quality by a team of volunteers, so there’s no junk here. You can even add your own images if you like, which will remove the ads.

unsplashUnsplash is a fairly new site, and they upload 10 images each week. Images are free to use and no credit is needed. You can even get on their mailing list and they’ll notify you when new images are added.

kaboompicsKaboompics is another site that features high-quality images that don’t require credit. There is a category search feature and a regular search, but I find it does take a bit longer to find what I’m looking for.

magdeleineMagdeleine is another one of my favorites. I’ve found some really unique images on this site. There is a nice search feature, allowing you to search by keyword, category, tag, or license, and you can even search by color.

Stock Up

stockupStock Up is sort of like a clearinghouse for images. They pull from a number of other sites to give you all the images in one place. There is a simple search feature as well.

So there you have it! My favorite image sources that don’t come from my own camera. Once you grab the images you want to use, you can crop and add text or filters to them, or just use them as is.

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