Feeling A Bit Behind? (already?)

Are you feeling under the gun on this first Monday of January? If you’re like most people, you feel pressure to “start off on the right foot” and have your shit together by the time the confetti settles on January 1st. You set high expectations for yourself, but are they realistic?

How would it feel if you cut yourself a little slack?
What would happen if you gave yourself permission to ignore that self-imposed deadline?

The way you feel when you turn the page on the calendar is completely up to you – it all depends on how you look at it. I wrote this post last year, and it’s still very relevant.

Personally, I look at January as a little kick in the pants for myself, because after the holidays I’m ready to get down to business again. It’s not because I feel like I have to conform to some magic date on the calendar. So when I say I want to “start the new year off with a bang”, it simply means that there’s new energy and excitement that I want to bring to my work.

To do this well, I need to give myself enough time and space to plan ahead and be strategic, and I need to schedule time into my week on a regular basis to do the work. This is a big part of what we do in the Women’s Circle. This simple practice helps us keep on track so we make progress without all the angst.

If you’d like to join us, today is the last day to register. Our first call is tomorrow, and I’m so excited to work with the brilliant women who have signed up. Click here for all the details and sign up today.