Help Me Support the Boston Marathon Bombing Victims

Last week’s Boston marathon bombing hit a little too close to home. I grew up just ten miles outside of Boston and my father ran the marathon many times when I was a child. Even more sobering was when the drama shifted to my hometown of Watertown. Friends that still live there posted photos of officers standing in their living rooms in swat gear. My high school was just one block away from where the bomber hid out in a boat in a random backyard and I walked by that spot every single day on my way to and from school.

The outpouring of support for the victims has been phenomenal, and I feel compelled to help. There are so many people who are affected by this event in one way or another. They need our support.

I’ve decided that from now through the end of May, 10% of our sales will go to support the victims through the One Fund. This fund has been established to support the victims, and you can be a part of it.

Here’s how you can help

Purchase a pre-paid bundle of my time for tech support or consulting to use anytime within the next year. You can purchase as many hours as you want, and bundles of more than one hour are discounted. The more hours you purchase, the bigger your discount, and I will donate 10% of your purchase to the One Fund in your name.

Your donation will help these victims and their families recover from the tragedy. These families need to pay for funeral costs, medical bills, prostheses, grief and trauma counseling, and so much more.

We can’t reverse the hands of time and undo the damage done last week, but we can help everyone move forward.

Choose your donation here

If you have any questions or problems making your purchase please contact me directly.

Tech Support Consulting
One Hour – $100 One Session – $150
Five hours – $450 (10% discount) Three Sessions – $450
Ten hours – $900 (10% discount) Six Sessions – $800 (10% discount)
Twenty hours – $1600 (20% discount) Ten Sessions – $1200 (20% discount)


Thanks very much for your support.


  • I’m sorry you had a very bad week Lisa. Between the loss of your grandmother and the terror in your home town … YIKES!

    I’ve been to Watertown so I know it’s a cool place. It certainly doesn’t deserve such panic and terror.

    May you somehow find some peace this week.

    p.s. This is an awesome idea! Thanks for helping the victims the way you are.

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