How to Get More Done By Doing Less

You’re busy, I get it. Your days are filled with work, phone calls, emails, errands, and a million demands on your time. You often struggle to fit in time for things like exercise and fun – and when you do, you feel guilty.

It’s easy to feel like you’re completely unproductive when you have too many things on your list. Whether it’s a list of things to learn, or a list of things to do. You cannot possibly do it all NOW, no matter how much you want to. If you try, you bounce from one thing to the next and never get far on anything.

What you need is space

I’m a huge fan of space – physical and emotional. And if you’ve ever decluttered a room, you know that you have to get rid of stuff in order to make space – right? If you just move everything around without actually removing anything, you have the same space, same mess, just presented differently.

Your brain is no different. It needs breathing room. If you are in overwhelm mode, you can’t process things clearly, and when that happens the best thing you can do is to STOP.

Stop what you’re doing and step away.

Take a 10-minute break, take a walk and soak in the beauty of nature, stretch a bit, take a nap, whatever. If you can get away for a day or longer, even better.

Stop trying to be productive. Your brain needs a break, and so does your body.

It seems counterproductive, but often NOT doing anything for a while will actually help you do MORE in the long run.

What can you stop doing today in order to allow your creativity and energy to flow more freely?