Is Your Product Launch Backfiring?

I’m sick of product launches. Are you?

Are you tired of your inbox being flooded with emails selling you the same thing over and over?

Have you had enough of your Twitter stream being filled with tweets and retweets about the same product?

I know I have. And I’m not alone.

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about launch fatigue, and rightly so. I’m not the only one who is annoyed. Readers are sick of being sold to constantly. They’re tired. Irritated. Fed up.

In just this past week I received no less than eight emails promoting Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. Some were obvious sales pitches, some more subtle, but all had the same goal – to get me to click through so the affiliate would get credit for my visit and maybe get the sale. The interesting thing was that these emails came from people who I don’t expect to get launch stuff from – people who shun the “guru launch” stuff. These are the same people who talk to us about launch fatigue, and who teach us to be original.


Of course, when you’re releasing a product, the only way to make sales is to talk about it.
I get that. When I launch a product, I’m going to want people to talk about it too.
The problem is when you’re subscribed to multiple newsletters, you tend to get a lot of the same regurgitated stuff.

The final straw was when I received an email today from a well-known internet marketer offering a free report to her readers on conversion triggers. Here’s a quote from the email:

“This brand new report will help you increase your click through rate, build your mailing list, make more sales, and see a higher response across the board – with social media, blog commenting, you name it!”.

Sounds great, huh? The report was presented as a gift – a perk for being a loyal reader – at least that’s how I interpreted it. I’ve been on her mailing list for a few years and her stuff is typically high value.

Curious, I clicked through and got the report. And sure enough, highlighted in the footer on each page was a notation that said

“The best example of how to do this online for maximum conversion is Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula”…

…complete with affiliate link.

Stick a fork in me ’cause I’m done. This approach was the most creative I had seen so far, but the timing was way off. I had already been sold to by too many people already. As soon as I read the footer I didn’t even read the rest of the report. It went straight to my trash.

Dave Navarro’s post, in which he picks apart Jeff Walker’s sales page, actually was the one that got me to click through to the video. I clicked through out of curiosity – kind of an “enough already, what’s this all about” sort of curiosity (because I had already received and ignored so many emails on this topic).

Partway through the video, Jeff says he’ll talk about “what drives people insane…getting 18 emails on the same day…”.

How ironic. Yes, that’s exactly what drives me insane, and exactly what is happening in this launch.

Now, I’m not against affiliate marketing.

I’m an affiliate for a handful of products, too. My rule is that I only promote high quality products that I use myself. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make a little extra money (or a lot of money, in the case of a high ticket item like PLF). I’m not suggesting anyone quit launching, either. I’m saying that the “same old way” might work for a while, but it’s not going to work forever.

We need to be creative. Pay attention. Be different.

Ditch the cookie cutter approach. Ignore the suggested email copy and write your own. Above all, consider your reader. When affiliate marketing is done authentically and with respect for the reader, it’s great. But if you spam (or scam) me, you risk losing my trust and respect.

And there won’t be a next time. I’ll just unsubscribe from your list.

Thoughts? Comments? Yeah, buts? Let’s talk. Leave a comment.

  • Amen!

    By the way, I had the same reaction to the report from the “well-known internet marketer offering a free report to her readers on conversion triggers”.

  • Someone finally said it and may I say, very well!!!! I was referred to your site by Post Card Profits and it was to show me an example through my learning process of marketing my own affiliate training. You have the right sense about your entire site here and I agree 100% that the old way of marketing as an affiliate by spamming people with newsletters that ultimately go to sales letters and then ask for money is just a waste of my time and I lose focus on my own goals. I used to save a lot of them in a folder but lately I have realized they are a distraction I don’t need so I delete them.

    • Hi Christine – Thanks for visiting. The main point here is to gain your market’s trust, and once you have that trust, don’t ever betray it.

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