Have you listened to your business lately?

What? Listen to your business, you say? Well, you may think the concept is a bit odd, but it really isn’t.

Think about it – any strong relationship requires basic elements — things like love and compassion, care and tending, and give and take.

Strong relationships also rely on honest communication — lots of listening, and not just all talking.

Think of it like a garden.

The gardener works hard to prepare the soil, plant the seeds, and cultivate them as they begin to grow.

When that garden continues to get the right amount of light, nutrients and attention it needs, it thrives. As a result, the gardener receives a bountiful harvest in return.

However, when the garden is planted but then neglected, the weeds and pests take over and the plants fail. The gardener returns to find little to no harvest, and nothing to show for all the hard work she did to get it started.

Your business is no different.

It takes a lot of work to get started, then tons of love and compassion, care and tending, and communication to keep it going.

And here’s where communication comes in. Just like the garden, when your business is thriving, it’s telling you something. When it’s struggling, it’s telling you something too.

The question is, are you listening?

Is your business thriving, or are the weeds starting to take over?

  • Did you set goals for the year? If so, how are those going? Are you on track? Sort of? Not at all?
  • Are your practices working well for you, or do you need to tweak them a bit?
  • How are your numbers (income, profit, social stats, web stats, subscribers, clients…whatever numbers reflect the health of your business)?
  • What activities have you been doing (or not doing), and how are those affecting you and your business?
  • What might you want to add, or leave behind?

And what’s the next step?

This is what it’s like to listen to your business.

If you’re profitable and thriving, you’re doing the right things. Celebrate your achievements, and keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t stop now.

If you’re not where you hoped to be right now, why might that be? Maybe a little care and tending is in order? Or maybe you’ve been working the soil too hard, and you need to back off a bit and rest (yes that’s really a thing, and in this case, you are the soil).

I invite you to take some time out over the next few days and ask your business what it needs. Then get quiet, and listen.

When I do this, I always get the answers I need.

Grab your garden gloves, and dig in.