monday motivation: on slowing down

This message came to me when I was rushing to get a bazillion things done. I often feel rushed – like I am pressed for time and have to get everything done NOW, so slowing down is hard and I end up putting undue pressure on myself.

That day I went to yoga, and after class I felt a sense of calm that I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced. I ran my errands almost like being in slow motion, not feeling like I had to rush from one to the next. I took my time, driving slower, being more patient and calmer – it was almost like watching the world from a distance while participating in it.

I was experiencing a sense of calm and peace that I wasn’t used to.

At that moment, I set the intention to keep that feeling with me as much as possible – to notice when my thoughts speed up, and to practice slowing them down. I re-committed to running, yoga and meditation, as those are the things that give me the most headspace.

That night as I was planning my week, a sense of peace washed over me and a word popped into my head. Surrender. Telling me to stop trying to control the outcomes to everything, to relax into what IS, and to gracefully accept it and work with it.

In slowing down and being present, mindful and intentional about things, the ride is much more enjoyable.

What is your intention for today, and how can you make that a reality?

  • Yes! Think of ICE: how patient the water molecules are.. locked together & awaiting the moment warmth hits them so that they may move around freely once again.

      • Thank you. Another thought about your post.. time is happening all around us. If we fight against it (the mind wants to race), stress happens. If we surrender (great word!) to it.. we experience peace. I say this because I am experiencing the same thing you did, and it’s the easiest thing to surrender.. though we don’t even realize it.

        • Yes, it really is that simple. Not always easy, but simple. 😉 Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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