Ask Yourself This One Question Every Day

During a recent coaching session, I asked this question a LOT.

My client has been in business for over 20 years and has a successful company in a highly technical field. She’s beating herself up about all the things she doesn’t get to because she either doesn’t have time or doesn’t know how to do them.

As we talked, I kept gently asking the question.

Is this the best use of your time?

One of the things we talked about is social media.

Client: “I don’t do Facebook because I don’t understand it”.

Me: “You’re not supposed to know how to do it. That’s not your job. As the head of the company, that’s not the best use of your time.”

Client: (with a sigh of relief) “Yes, exactly. You’re right. Thank you.”

She needs to be the visionary
, not wasting her time trying to figure out how to use Facebook. She has a great, tech-savvy staff who understand her products and would love to take things off her plate.

So I encouraged my client to make a list of all the things she thinks she “should” be doing but isn’t getting to, and then see if she can match those things up with members of her team. Delegate. Talk to them about it. Give them clear guidelines and communicate his expectations, then let it go.

I ask myself this same question a lot, usually when I’m on social media or banging my head on the desk trying to figure out something technical that I could easily get help with.

Is this the best use of your time?

Sometimes, the answer is yes – but often not.

I challenge you to remind yourself of that as you go through your day. Stop what you’re doing every now and then and ask.

Is this the best use of your time?

Sometimes the answer will be yes.

Sometimes you’re doing something important but it doesn’t need to be done right then, so you can go back to it later.

Sometimes what you’re doing has no connection at all and won’t move you one step closer to your goal. Let those things go.

Think about how you can delegate the things that aren’t in your zone of genius. Get creative. Trust that the right solution will present itself if you can be open to it.

This requires intention, awareness, and honesty with yourself.

Before you do anything, ask yourself, “Is this the best use of my time?”

Spend your time wisely, on things that matter.