Now Is Not the Time

This morning I got up and opened my email, in my pajamas like I do every morning. I started sweeping through my inbox to get rid of the junk, when I came to one message that made me stop and notice. It was from a name I didn’t recognize – which isn’t strange at all – but it didn’t look like traditional spam either, so out of curiosity I opened it up. The subject line said:

“Now is not the time.”

And that was it – nothing else. “Well that’s strange”, I thought, slightly annoyed. At first I passed it off as spam, marked it as such, and moved on. But it haunted me. Not the time for what?

I pulled it out of my spam folder and looked at it again. It was from a Gmail address that I didn’t recognize, but it wasn’t some spammy-looking email address either. Hmm. Still, I didn’t recognize the name of the sender, and Googling gave me no results. This simple, spooky message had stopped me in my tracks. I wanted to just dismiss it but frankly it was a little disturbing.

We all have a lot going on in our lives, and I’m certainly no different. I’m also not very good at taking time out for rest and reflection, so sometimes things have to smack me upside the head to get me to pay attention to the message. Was this one of those times?

Was this the universe’s way of telling me something, knowing that I check in with my email way more often than I check in with myself?

Was it referring to making shifts in my business? To my husband’s upcoming surgery? Taking on a new project? A vacation? Buying a car? Eliminating coffee (again)? There are so many things it could mean.

Now is not the time

Or maybe it really is just spam. Really. But whatever it is, it made me stop and think, just long enough to really think and take a short break from the treadmill I’ve been on.

How do you interpret the messages you get every day? And what makes you stop that cycle of go-go-go?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Let’s discuss.

  • I’ve logged many miles on the treadmill you mentioned, Lisa! I struggle on a daily basis with the balance between client projects versus tasks for my new business; work versus relaxation; social media time versus paying work . . . and so on.

    Not sure I have any answers . . .

    But when I start getting overly anxious about whether this or that aspect of my business will work out, I tell myself, “There’s time. You’ve got time.” It’s oddly calming.

    • I love that, Mary. I’m going to adopt that. That, and “you’re ok”. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  • That was a great “spam” or whatever; really does make you stop but a rule of thumb for me is that if it smacks me in the face it was for me to pay attention to it.

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