How to flip your perspective and stop working so damn hard

Every now and then I take a little time out from my business to teach snowboarding at our local mountain. I teach mostly kids, and there’s one thing that I kept saying to them over and over:

“You’re working too hard! Don’t work any harder than you have to.”

The kids look at me like I’m nuts (unfortunately, they’ve already been conditioned to believe that learning has to be hard), and then they smile, as if we just made a secret pact.

Yes, of course learning something new is a ton of work — and then actually doing the work often means working hard too — but I doubt that these kids have many people telling them to ease up a bit…

I couldn’t help but think of you every time I went through this scenario, because I say this a lot when I’m coaching clients, too.

I bet there are times in your work when you work harder than you need to, too.

In this example, the kids were struggling to stand up on their snowboards from a sitting position. They kept trying to stand up, then they’d lose their balance and fall down again on their butt. Doing this over and over was exhausting, discouraging, and painful.

What they couldn’t see, was that all they had to do was to flip their bodies over so they were kneeling instead of sitting, and put their hands on the ground in front of them to help them get their balance. Then they could easily just. stand. up.

They were so focused on the final goal (getting up) that they didn’t realize they were working WAY harder than they needed to. One simple tweak in their process and a flip in their perspective made everything so much easier.

Are you doing this in your business? Are you so focused on reaching a goal that you’re in tunnel vision mode and working harder than you need to?

How can you make things easier today? How can you work smarter, not harder?

Stop for a minute and really think about it. I bet you can come up with an easier way to do what you’re trying to do.

Tiny changes have big results. Now go do your great work!