What to do when you feel stuck


Are you feeling a little stuck?

…stuck in your business
…stuck in your personal life
…stuck on achieving your goals

You feel like nothing is working – and frankly, that sucks.

Often when we’re stuck it means that we’re lacking clarity.

…of our bigger vision
…of what we’re offering
…of who we’re serving
…of what we need (or want) to do next

But when we can move forward, ever so slightly, things start to shift.

Then we experience…

…more productivity
…more clarity
…more (or better) clients
…more money
…more calm
…more time

Not sure how to get there?

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and ask.

Ask yourself what you really want
Ask yourself what is missing in your life or business (or both)
Ask what you need to do right now

Then listen.

So much of our world is driven by our intentions and our awareness. Just the fact that you have noticed that things aren’t working is a big step toward fixing it.

And know that right now, in this very moment, everything is ok.

Remind yourself that you are enough.

Words are extremely powerful, and the words you tell yourself have a huge effect on whatever it is you intend to do.

What are you noticing today, and what one small thing can you do to move that needle in the right direction?

If you’d like some help getting there, join us in the Women’s Circle for support, accountability, community. Don’t go it alone. Join us today.