When You’re Too Busy To Do Your Own Stuff

Let’s talk for a minute about to do lists.

The other day I was talking to a friend about my ridiculously long to-do list, and how I was freaking out about it. My list is made up of client projects, home projects, errands I have to run, phone calls to make, wish list things like building a deck, etc. Everything that’s been taking up space in my brain.

Having a to do list is just a part of life. We’re all busy.

But what happens when you’re so busy taking care of everyone else’s stuff that you forget to do your own stuff? You get on that hamster wheel. You know how it is. You work, work, work, but you don’t seem to get a lot done. You’re busy. You get interrupted. Or worse, you get mentally exhausted and can’t focus.

I’m no different.

About 99% of what’s on that list is stuff I need (or want) to do for other people, or for my business. I’ve got so many ideas and plans – I just have a hard time finding the time to implement it all. And I have a hard time saying no to others, so I get crazy busy working on stuff, without always accomplishing the Big Important Things that would give me the most satisfaction. Then I do manage to get some stuff done and I feel terrific, only to be overwhelmed again before too long.

So many people don’t make time for their own stuff.

We all know them. A marketing professional without a website. A kick-ass painter whose house is in desperate need of a fresh coat. A professional cleaner who doesn’t have time to clean her own house. A caregiver who doesn’t take time for herself. You get the idea. It happens to all of us.

Here’s where I confess.

When I set up my Sprout New Media Facebook page, it was really nagging at me because it wasn’t finished. There was no picture, no info, just a string of blog posts. I didn’t even want to “like” it myself, because then it would show up on my personal Facebook profile and I didn’t want anyone to go to it. It was embarrassing.

So what did I do? I committed to it.

It didn’t take long at all to spruce up the page. I added some basic info, linked the blog, and uploaded a photo. It was pretty quick and easy once I committed to it.

A Facebook page might be just one tiny thing on my big long list, but doing just one thing will help you feel better, because you’re making progress. Pick something that is manageable, and important. Then commit, and do.

So what’s on your to do list that you can take care of right now?

Pick one thing. Then do it. And share in the comments so we can celebrate!

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