The One Little Word that Will Transform Your Business

When you’re running a business, you’ve got a lot on your plate. And when you’re a solopreneur, you wear all the hats, right? You’ve got client work, marketing, sales, accounting, strategic planning, customer service, research, purchasing, etc. etc.

You think you’ve got it all covered, but you might be forgetting something really big.

With all this busyness, there’s one very important thing that often gets forgotten, and it’s the key to a successful business.

That’s your WHY.

What is your Why? It’s the life force of your work. It’s your north star. It’s the thing that gets you excited, inspired, jazzed to get up every day to get to work.

It keeps you going when thing get rough.

And it will transform your business.

Why are you doing this work?
Why did you go into business to begin with?
Why do you continue to show up, day after day?

Whatever your Why is, you’re personally getting something out of it.

Maybe your Why is:

  • making a difference in your community
  • making the world better through support of a cause
  • financial security for you and your family
  • the ability to enjoy a particular type of lifestyle
  • spreading joy – making people happy
  • retiring a spouse or partner
  • spending more quality time with your children
  • bringing beauty to the world through your art
  • fueling the need for adventure + exploration = fun

Your Why is not WHAT you do, it’s the reason that you do it.

Without a clear sight of your Why, you’ll probably be able to go on for a while, forging onward and trudging through, but you won’t be able to sustain it. You’ll be operating on auto-pilot, which is fine — until you get tired, sick, or are faced with some sort of change (even growth can throw you off, because that will require some big decisions on your part that you might not want to face).

When you’ve lost your Why, you’re going to struggle to make decisions. This is when I see a lot of passionate, talented business owners tempted to throw in the towel.

So what’s that one thing that makes it all worthwhile for you? What’s that thing that you want so bad, that makes quitting not an option?

If your answer is money, dig deeper. Money is rarely a motivator – it’s what comes as a result the money that really counts (hint: it usually has something to do with freedom and/or security).

Stop, get quiet, and ask yourself, “Why am I doing all this work?”

Drill down deep to the root of it. Figure it out, name it, write it on a big sticky note and put it up where you’ll see it every day, especially on the bad days. It will bring you back to center, every time.

Share your why with me! Take a picture of what it represents for you, and post on Instagram with the hashtag #thisismywhy and tag me @lisawood so I see it.