Wit & Wisdom, courtesy of Tony Stark

ironMan_smWe all love a good superhero, don’t we? The world needs them to swoop in every now and then and save the day. Plus, they can fly, they’re super strong, and they have really cool outfits.

If you look at the inner qualities of a superhero, though, they usually have a few things in common. Many of them are introverts. They strive to be the best but do it in the shadow of others. They have this great power, but they don’t always choose it – nor do they always want it. They usually have to hide their identities so they’re not discovered. When they step into their superhero power, however, they become someone else. They’re more confident, and emotionally and physically tougher. They are fearless.

Iron Man blows this all out of the water, though. He’s not the least bit introverted, he blatantly announced his identity in the middle of a press conference, and you’ll never find him standing in someone’s shadow. No, Tony Stark is a completely different breed of superhero. He was not born with his superpower. He built it with his own hands, with scrap metal, in a cave – out of a basic need to survive.

Tony Stark doesn’t fit the typical mold. He parties hard and is known for breaking the rules. He doesn’t follow the crowd or do what others think he should. He’s a rebel, plain and simple – and we can actually learn a lot from him.

If Iron Man were to have a manifesto, I imagine it would go something like this:

– Be “all in” in everything you do
– Don’t be afraid to have a little fun.
– Not everyone will like you. Get over it.
– Stand up and tell the world who you really are – don’t hide behind a mask
– Do what you believe is right – even if everyone else thinks you’re nuts
– Protect those close to you at all costs
– You don’t need fancy tools to build something phenomenal
– Go big. Every time.
– Every now and then you’re going to blow shit up – it happens.
– You can be wildly successful without sacrificing your values or true self

…and yes, you can save the world.

What’s your superpower, and what’s stopping you from stepping into it?

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